About us

Rinaldo Lighting LLC is established in 2007. Our main focus in business is lights, lighting accessories and metal products retail and wholesale. From our product range you can find a lot of contemporary lights and also lights that have become classics. We are proud to say that Rinaldo Lighting LLC is part of Rinaldo group that has a lot of experience and has successfully operated in Estonian and Finlands market since 1989.

Although our company has dignified history, we don't look to the past too much but have focused our attention and experience on the opportunities of the future. That's why we have added to our product range mostly energy saving lights and LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights with long life-span.

Our advantage is that we have production manufactory that expands significantly our possibilities to offer our clients exactly what they need. Due to production of lighting and long time experience in that field we can be more flexible towards clients needs and accommodate their ideas however complicated they seem at first. 

The value of Rinaldo Lighting LLC is that we find trough professional consulting the right solution that fits our particular client. It is important to us that our end product brings joy to our client, that is the only way for us to feel joy ourselves. We try to combine professionalism, quality and resourcefulness with our actions so that the final result could be satisfying for all.